Pidgin and Theresa

About the story:
The streets of North London are not known for miracles. Murder they had seen, and rape, and riot. But revelation? That was for high Holborn and Lambeth. True, there had been an entity with the body of a chow-chow and the head of Winston Churchill reported in Finsbury Park, but this unreliable account was the closest the region had come to having a visitation since the fifties. Until tonight. Tonight, for the second time within the space of five hours, miraculous lights appeared, and on this occasion (the rain having passed, and the balmier air having coaxed revellers abroad) they did not go unnoticed.

About writing:
- I don't know what other people do, but when I write, I am so close to the material that I just let it pour out. I never write it for myself, I never think to myself, "Oh, I mustn't do that." So it pretty much comes out and I just let it be.


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